“In a mining world where regulator - and specifically environmental compliance is increasingly important and indeed a critical part of any mining business - having the Milnex team on our side has always provided me with the comfort that the work will be done professionally and with the highest level of integrity. I have no hesitation in vouching for Milnex’s competency and integrity.”
   -   Jean Nel Ex-CEO at Aquarius Platinum Limited

“Milnex 189 CC provided us with professional and effective service that was of the highest standard. The Milnex team of experts compiled a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for my mining company, Diro Resources, which led my company to greater heights. We were so impressed by the work provided by Milnex that we further had our Water Licensing, Environmental Rights, and Mineral Rights done through Milnex as well. We plan on utilising Milnex’s services for all our future needs,”
   -   Manne Dipicio, First Premier of the Northern Cape and Co-owner of Diro Resources

“Mining rights, environmental impacts, licensing and other compliance programmes can be a tricky business – therefore I work with the best of the best. Milnex has proven time and again that they know what they are doing and do it right the first time.”
   -   Anthony Rooiland, CEO at Burk Mine

“I make use of Milnex’s expertise on a regular basis and throughout the years we’ve built a strong and professional relationship. The Milnex team provides me with all my mineral, legal and tenure work and I will continue to make us of their services in the future.”
   -   André Markgraff, Owner of New Park Properties Diamond Mine and Ex-Springbok coach