Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological services include mining related water studies, analytical groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, waste classifications, contaminated site management, water resource management and monitoring.
The services are subdivided to better address client needs and expectations. These units include:

Contaminant Site Management

Focused on providing a specialised consulting service for the assessment of contaminated land and remediation. The following services can be provided:

  • Site characterisation studies - inorganic and organic contamination;
  • Hydrocarbon and industrial contaminant investigations;
  • Phase I and II contamination investigations;
  • Landfill and cemetery investigations;
  • Risk based assessments;
  • Remediation studies;
  • Waste characterisation;
  • Source and plume delineation; and
  • Due diligence studies.


We offer quality monitoring services that are cost-effective and informative to allow clients to better manage their operations. These services include:

  • Water quality monitoring; and
  • Groundwater level monitoring.

Water Resources

The Water Resources unit is key to unlocking sustainable water resources.
Its services include:

  • Specialist groundwater studies for WULAs and EIAs;
  • Waste disposal investigations;
  • Groundwater exploration and hydrocensus;
  • Well-field management;
  • Analytical groundwater flow and inflow modelling;
  • Groundwater and surface water resource development;
  • Water supply investigations;
  • Supervision of drilling and pump testing of water supply boreholes;
  • Groundwater reserve determinations;
  • Aquifer protection and remediation;
  • Bottled natural/mineral water development.