DMR Tenure & Mineral Right Compliance

The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) specifies that operations must be compliant with Environmental Management Programmes (EMPrs) and Environmental Authorisations (EAs), Prospecting Work Programmes (PWPs), and Mining Work Programmes (MWPs), and thus should be audited.

Our DMR Tenure and Mineral Right Compliance services include:

  • Auditing of Environmental Management Programmes: An important tool to ensure that avoidable or undue negative impacts of a project are prevented, and to enhance the benefits of the projects. Information about the environment and human activities must be gathered, plans should be devised, and consequently systems should be implemented.
  • Auditing of Prospecting and Mining Work Programmes: A tool that is used to determine to what extent a project is compliant in terms of the working and rehabilitation conditions set by the PWP or the MWP. The audit process consequently leads to suggestions being made to ensure that compliance is met.
  • Progress Reports: A report submitted to the Regional Manager regarding the operations as set out in the PWP and MWP.
  • Performance Assessments: The Performance Assessment is an audit on the Environmental Management Programme.
  • Quantum of Financial Provisions: According to law, no exploration or production operations may commence unless the holder of a right provides an acceptable financial provision to illustrate that such holder has sufficient funds for the due fulfilment of the rehabilitation liabilities.
  • Monthly Returns: Monthly Returns provides necessary figures with regards to the incomes, expenses, sales, price per unit, etc. which is submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources on a monthly basis.
  • Annual Social and Labour Plan Reports & Social and Labour Plan Implementation: Assistance with the implementation of the strategies to promote socio-economic welfare in the community where mining takes place, and reporting structures to ensure that these reports are produced timeously and accurately.
  • Mining Charter Reports: The compilation of reports about compliance with the Mining Charter.
  • Mine Closure Plans: The compilation of Mine Closure Plans – planning effectively for the eventual closure of a mine, from the commencement of mining, to the end of such operations.
  • Rehabilitation Management: Most mining operations are now practising mining rehabilitation - Milnex manages the handling of topsoil, selection of appropriate revegetation species, and other key elements.
  • B-BBEE: The implementation of B-BBEE forms an integral part of any mining operation. Regular meetings, which is only one aspect of B-BBEE, must be held to ensure that partners make part of the decision-making process.